DeGesh Group emerged from DeGesh Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship. Its vision is to make life comfortable for everyone and its mission is to manufacture high quality products and offer incredible services to everyone at affordable prices For the past few years, the mission have been focused.


Beans Powder
DeGesh Beans Powder can be used for making ”Moin-moin”, ”Akara”, ”Gbegiri soup” and ”E...

N 420

This product is used for making ”Tuwo” and it is available in 500g, 1kg, 5kg, and 10kg sizes.

N 420

Yam Flour
It is used for making ”Amala”. It has no any additive and it has natural tastes. It is available...

N 600

Yellow Maize Powder
It is popularly knowns as “Ogi”, “Akamu”, “Koko” or “Pap” powder. It is used for mak...

N 400

DeGesh Beans Powder


DeGesh Yam Flour


DeGesh Yellow Maize Powder






DeGesh Farm Products & Services

This company processes farm products, such as Beans powder, ”Ogi” powder, Yam flour, Plantain flour and Ponmo. Most of its products are registered with the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration & Control (NAFDAC) and Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON).

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DeGesh Investment Services
Desgesh Investment

It collects daily contributions from entrepreneurs. It also gives them advanced daily contribution and short-term credits. It provides personal savings. The company accepts investment from lenders and pays them returns monthly

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DeGesh Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship
Degesh institute

This institute offers training, business management, consulting and collaboration services. It offers entrepreneurship, vocational and competence-based trainings for individuals and organizations. It offers foreign businesses to representative and local partnership services.

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DeGesh-Gift Leather Works
DEGESH Leather

The company produces different products by using leather in a creative way. It produce differentshoes, slippers, sandals, bags, and school kids’ shoes. It offers recycling and repairing services for used leather products..

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DeGesh-Leo Publishing
DEGESH Leo publishing

The start-up publishes practical-oriented books for different professions. It plans to publish school subject textbooks and academic papers. Its current products include Computer training book, tailoring book, photography book, and shoes making book. It also offer graphic designs

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DeGesh Education and Tourism Services
DEGESH Tourism

The company is established to satisfy needs of youth who want to pursue their academic qualification outside the country. The company offers the following services: school admission, advisory, ticketing, and linking with local residents.

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DeGesh Technologies

This start-up aims to produce local-made tools, machines and household devices. Presently, the company is producing tools (prototypes) for other DeGesh companies. We beleive in a better economic viability through technology at all levels.

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DeGesh Oil and Gas Services

The company provides all different spare parts for gas and it offers home delivery for petrol and cooking gases. Its products underpin modern society, mainly supplying energy to power industry, heat homes and provide fuel for vehicles and aeroplanes to carry goods and people all over the world.

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