For Borrowers

Daily contribution service: offers any person or legal entity to save money and collect his or her money back at the end of the month. This service helps such client to get advanced daily contribution.
Advanced daily contribution service: offers clients to get ”their contribution in advance” after few days of daily contribution. This service can be called ”Soft loan”. It is given based on amount of money to be paid everyday by the client. The loan has to be paid by the end of the month. Usually, the loan is given based on the credibility of client and few months daily contribution. An example of the loan is that a client who saves #1000 per day can get his or her Advanced daily contribution of #25000 from 6th to 10th of the month. Then, the client will just continue to repay the loan by his or her daily contribution.
Target daily savings: offers clients to save specific amount of money for a specific period of time. This service also makes the client to get Advanced daily contribution, short- and long-term loans from the company. Usually, the company wants its client to save 10% of their daily contribution so that the clients can have access to the loans.
Short-term loan: it is a loan from period of 3 to 6 months. Its interest is low and there is no need for collateral security. Meanwhile, the applicant must be an entrepreneur, and a good client of advanced daily contribution and target daily saving services.
DITE Businesses’ short loans: this service provides urgent and short-term loans for Spinoff businesses of DITE.
For Investors or Lenders 6 - 12 months loan investment service: this service enables individual investors to earn #3,000 monthly returns on each #100, 000 invested in the company. The invested money can be withdrawn after a month notice. The returns of investment is paid between 25th and 27th of every month.
Medium and Long-term loan service: individuals can earn #5000 monthly on each #100,000 invested in the company. The returns on investment is paid between 27th and 28th of every month.
Shareholding service: individuals can invest in each DTE spinoff and DITE’s partner’s businesses. The investor will be a shareholder in the businesses and will have access to monthly report. Also, this company provides information on promising businesses and their entrepreneurs.
For more information, please contact +2348055607530 (Mr Taofeek) and +2347020588704 (Dr Saheed)


DITE currently offers the following training services directly and in collaboration with foreign partners:
1. Vocational Training: In collaboration with other institutes in Finland, DITE offers training for secondary school leavers and above. Programs are Automation, ICT-related technologies, Security technologies and Solar-related technologies. Similarly, DITE offers vocational trainings for leather works, tailoring, photography, catering, and fabrication at it vocational centers.
2. Competence-based Training: In collaboration with academic institutions in Finland and Europe, DITE offers training for graduates, employees and civil servants who want to have a “specific skill or competence”. The programs are based on individual learning concept. This concept was just adopted by the Ministry of Education in Finland.



Education services

  • Advisory service for getting international schools and field of study
  • Advisory service for application and application management
  • Advisory service for visa/permit application
  • Support service for visa/permit application
  • Ticket support
  • Linking to local people services

Tourism services (short-term visiting)

  • Study tourism (including education services)
  • Group tourism (including education services


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